We Believe You Matter!

Everyday we pass people on the road that we may never have the opportunity to meet or get to know. Clearview ministries exist to help us connect with people so that we don't go through life missing out on opportunities to get to know others on a deeper level. Making these connections is what helps us find our way to a deeper connection with God and how we can serve Him.  Whatever stage of life you are in and whatever road you're travelling, we believe that you matter to our big God and we want to help you find Him by finding a place at Clearview.

Find Your Place

  • ClearviewKids

    Our children's Ministry includes Sunday morning Bible studies, Children's Church, Children in Action, Midweek Madness and outreach events each month on Wednesdays to our community.

  • Clearview Student Ministry

    Student Ministry opportunities include Bible Study, worship, missions and fellowship events every month.

  • Adult Ministry

    Adult Bible Studies are held on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings.  We also have several women's Bible Studies and events throughout the year as well as Men's Ministry Bible Studies.  

  • Worship Ministry

    Our worship time is lead on Sundays by our Praise Team and Band. New members are welcome! Go here for more on the worship ministry.

  • Clearview Men

    No matter where you are on your spiritual journey with the Lord, you are welcome here.  Check out our page for upcoming events and opportunities to grow as a follower of Christ.