Worship Ministry Service Opportunities

We are seeking out worshipers to serve as choir members, soloists, worship team singers, and band members.  Music ministers and encourages, teaches and builds while unifying our congregation in awe and wonder of our God. Listed below are some of the ministry opportunities we share . Please pray about how you serve and participate in worship and consider joining us.  You are welcome to join us for our primary rehearsal time on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the choir room.  Or send an email to our worship leader if you have any questions or to discuss a time to join us for rehearsal and preparation for worship. For information about choir and worship services click here: from PCfrom mobile device

  • Choir Members

    We are always looking for more singers for our worship choir. We do four part SATB music as well as SAB and more contemporary voicings such as men singing lead and ladies harmonies. It doesn't matter if you can read music, we rehearse weekly and provide listening mp3s and CDs so you can learn songs by heart as you worship with them in your car or as you work out.

  • Synth Player/Organist

    We would like to add a keyboardist to play synthesizer with our band for worship.
  • Brass, Woodwind, Strings and Percussion Players

    We would also like to develop an orchestra to play on high impact worship ministry events as well as have instrumental soloists to enhance the accompaniment of worship songs or to provide pre-service, post service and offertory worship music. 

  • Praise Team Singers

    Each week we include four singers to lead singing along with our worship leader ~ usually, a soprano, alto, tenor and a bass/male lead. These singers are selected for their exceptional singing ability, but most importantly, their heart for the Lord and His worship.

  • Sound, Lighting and Presentation Operators

    Our services could not run smoothly without the technologists that provide the audio, lighting, video and presentation support. We like to maintain a team with a "bench" to fill these roles. If you are inclined to the "technical," let us know. There is a place of service for you.